We are gearing up to celebrate our 75th anniversary in October of 2019! It will be a year of reminiscing about the past, cherishing the present, and building the future. However, we are running a budget deficit.  Your donation will help us reach our next milestone — the 100th anniversary — in good shape.  Please help us continue to be a source of the Dharma for decades to come. Scroll down for instructions on how to donate via PayPal, how to support us completely free by shopping at Amazon, and where to mail a good old-fashioned check.


The cheapest and easiest way to donate is to send a bank payment to treasurer@budtempchi.net and choose “Sending to a friend.” Just make absolutely sure that you typed the email correctly! We recommend that you cut and paste the email address, just to be sure, as you may not be able to get a refund if you send money to the wrong person.

To be safer, or if you want to use a credit card, click the Donate button below.  This method triggers fees of about 3%, so if you are able, throwing in a few extra dollars will help us see the full intended amount of your donation.  So donate $52 for $50, $103 for $100, $258 for $250, $515 for $500, $1030 for $1,000, etc. Include your name and address so that we know who you are and where to send our thank yous.

Shop at Amazon

Shop at smile.amazon.com and select BTC as your preferred charity. BTC will get $5 for every $1,000 you spend! It may not sound like much, but it adds up. Click below and then make sure that you always go to smile.amazon.com (not regular amazon.com) to place your orders.

Membership Form

If you are renewing or signing up for membership, fill out our NEW online membership form here. If you would rather send in a check, complete and mail (or drop off) the old paper membership form here.

Cash or Check

In person, you can donate during the incense offering during service. You may also leave a donation with any temple administrator. Mail donations to:
The Buddhist Temple of Chicago
1151 W. Leland Ave.
Chicago, IL 60640


The Buddhist Temple of Chicago is recognized and operates under the Internal Revenue Code Non-Profit Section 501(c)(3) organization status, and operates strictly for that purpose, therefore, your donations are tax-deductible. Our mailing address is 1151 W. Leland Ave, Chicago, IL 60640. Our phone number is (773) 334-4661. Please consult with your tax advisor if you have other questions.

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